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We must stop Putin in Ukraine before the rule-of-law is replaced by the rule-of-the-jungle


Ukraine must win. Russia must lose. It really is so simple.

Now let’s agree to that end goal. This has been the case for everyone in U.S. President Joe BidenHouse Speaker Nancy PelosiGerman Chancellor Olaf ScholzEuropean Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Anything less than this would be unmoral and set an historical precedent that will have catastrophic consequences. It also could lead to the collapse of what little is left of the international system of institutions and rules.

The argument was clearly laid out by President Biden in his New York Times op-edThis week. All members of his government and NATO allies should read carefully what he said to assure Ukraine’s victory.

 “Standing by Ukraine in its hour of need is not just the right thing to do,” wrote President Biden. President Biden said, “It’s in our national vital interests to secure a peaceful Europe. To make it clear that might doesn’t make right. If Russia does not pay a heavy price for its actions, it will send a message to other would-be aggressors that they too can seize territory and subjugate countries… And it would mark the end of the rules-based international order and open the door to aggression elsewhere, with catastrophic consequences the world over.”

We must end the Russian president. Vladimir PutinYou must act now in order to prevent the rule-of the-jungle from replacing the rule-of the law.

Why do you write this when Putin’s war on Ukraine is in its 100th day? Simply put, Putin is showing. grinding gainsFollowing shifting strategies in reaction to Ukraine’s unexpected victories, resilience, and heavy losses suffered by Russian troops in the early stages of war,

Putin’s brutal, new strategy is to destroy the Ukrainian population centres in east and south Ukraine using stand-off weaponry. He then leaves them vacant of their people by flight or death. Syria. After these towns and cities are devoid of humanity, the troops can “liberate” rubble and seize territory to position Russia for the best possible peace agreement or another offensive.

Putin also struck at Ukraine financially by blockading its grain exports and either destroying or stealing its available supplies. Although Putin is continuing to resist the tough sanctions against his country, he will take on starvation in other places. while wagering that he can outlast Western supportFor Kyiv during upcoming elections and other democratic distractions such as recent U.S. school shootings and Supreme Court fights.

However, there is an alternative to Putin’s tactics. The new West, along with its Asian partners, will need to be more creative and proactive in a joint military, economic, and public relations offensive. This would put Putin back on his feet.

Do not try to force a stalemate. which has allowed Putin to take 20% of Ukrainian territory, nor pressure Ukraine into a self-defeating peace agreement, but rather to give Ukraine the means to retake territory through a counteroffensive — perhaps most importantly at the strategic southern Ukrainian city of Kherson — which would ensure access to Odessa and to the Black Sea now and in any eventual peace agreement.

It is crucial that Ukraine’s supporters who may be tired are not forgotten about the atrocities of Putin and the moral obligation to fight them.

Jens Stoltenberg is NATO’s secretary-general. told the Atlantic’s Tom McTague in the most emotional of terms. It is also emotional. “This is not about the killing of people. It is about atrocities.

With these facts in mind it is a huge mistake for any U.S. military supplier or arms dealer to try to stop the Ukrainians from firing on Russian targets. Biden wrote an excellent opinion piece. wroteWe aren’t encouraging Ukraine to go beyond its boundaries. We don’t wish to prolong the conflict just to cause Russia pain.”

Take a minute to think about it. A weapon can only fire as far as the fence on your side, so if your relatives are being killed by someone who is shooting through a fence in your neighbour’s backyard, then what use is it? You can’t stop the shooting, but the murder continues. This self-defeating restraint is what makes Putin feel so sure he will win by attrition.

At the same, however, the West as a whole, in close collaboration with Turkey, is also involved. needs to open Ukraine’s Black Sea ports,Odessa is the best place to start, a Putin-generated global food crisisUkraine’s 28 million tonnes of stored grain will be sold.

The following can be used as justification: Montreux Convention of 1936This regulates the flow of traffic in the Black Sea, and ensures “complete freedom” for civil vessels.

Said David Beasley, executive director of the United Nations World Food ProgrammeAccording to the statement, “Failure in Odessa Region to Open These Ports will Be a Declaration of War on Global Food Security.”

Historical experts point out the Winter WarThe Soviet Union and Finland were compared in 1939-1940, to show that even a small but determined country can surpass Moscow with its military might and maintain its sovereignty.

It is true that Moscow suffered heavy losses in the initial invasion of November 1939 by German troops, three months after World War II began.

Finland held the Soviets off for two months. It suffered significant losses. The Soviet Union then adopted new tactics and overtook Finnish defenses. In March 1940, Finland agreed to a ceasefire that would see it cede 9% of its territory over to the Soviet Union. Although Moscow suffered from bad reputation and was expelled from the League of Nations in March 1940, it still came away with more land than what it originally requested.

Putin’s negative aspect is that he’s just as determined as Joseph Stalin the Soviet dictator and shares Stalin’s indifference to human suffering.

The positive aspect is that Ukraine now receives significantly greater outside support than Finland.

Putin still has the chance to win and Ukraine still can lose without Western support. Ukraine and the West must demonstrate that Putin is not on the right track.    

Frederick Kempe is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic Council.