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Buy the dip in oil stocks, stay away from everything else


CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday that only oil-name stocks should be bought by investors.

I want to show kindness to the market, and say that it is the old “buy the dips” game plan. The only dip you can buy right now is oil. All other items are, in their words, “transactional” and not “real”.Mad Money” Host said.

Cramer noted that many stock failures recently have led him to be wary about investing in non-oil stocks. Cramer noted that the shares of AMDHe expected to attend the Thursday analyst meeting, which was a few days ahead of it. AppleIf the stock is not downgraded by analysts, iPhone maker will be sold. Worldwide Developers ConferenceThe “raging bears” are difficult to excite. 

“When [stocks]He said that if they start strong there is a good chance that they’ll quit by midday.”

Elon Musk’s public feudWith TwitterCramer also stated that market disappointments over the acquisition deal are yet to come.

Cramer claims that oil is a market where even the sellers bring in buyers to keep it afloat.

“Prices are going higher at the pump, and nobody but the president can do anything about it — and even he can’t do all that much. … Either way, the lesson is simple: Just get long on some oil stock,” he said.

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable trust owns shares in AMD and Apple.