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DecentWorld: How to make money in the Metaverse

Do you want to be a virtual reality worker? According to experts, the market for metaverses could reach $13 trillion by 2030. The metaverse market is expected to create thousands of new jobs and provide multiple opportunities for business development. However, those unfamiliar with virtual reality may not understand what it means or how they can get involved.

DecentWorld is a Swiss-owned platform that allows users to trade digital real estate and NFT in the virtual marketplace. However, the creators say this is only one option. With thousands of jobs available and huge potential to yield income, the metaverse could be the future economy.

NFTs – The Most Valuable Metaverse Asset

The concept of the metaverse entails a real-time, immersive, and – in many cases – interoperable virtual space, where one can do any real-world activities, just virtually. The possibilities of monetisation will be truly endless if this is true.

The creators of DecentWorld suggest that the easiest, and so far the most accessible way of getting involved, is through non-fungible tokens (NFTs)⁠—digital Assets, which are tied to the blockchain, and can be carried across different platforms.

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“NFTs that come with certificates of ownership are arguably the most valuable digital assets. NFT trading is how people make thousands and even millions of dollars. This technology is changing the way we understand what assets are, and will play a key role in the metaverse economy,” DecentWorld representatives say.

DecentWorld users can trade or acquire Street NFTs based on real world events. As of now, there are over 18.5 Million Streets. The Streets are categorized into 4 different levels based on their prestige⁠—the more prominent a street is in the real world, the higher its value in the metaverse.

What is more, users will soon be able to combine Street NFTs into Collections—artsy sets of themed Assets that will not only stand as a separate NFT, but will also generate yield. The more unique the Collection is—the more value it brings.

Business Integrations & Product Plug-Ins

The metaverse is a portal for companies looking to access the virtual marketplace. DecentWorld creators confirm that businesses can open shops, offices and restaurants in virtual realms with the help of technology advancements. This will allow them to unleash the true potential of the metaverse.

Based on a survey recently carried out by Unsupervised, more than half of marketers (from 802 respondents) believe it’s important to be involved with web3 for future marketing strategies. This suggests that over half of businesses have already begun to plan for ways they can enter the virtual market, and bring value to customers through innovative methods.

DecentWorld creators confirm that they’re also ready for businesses to join them:

“The next step in our plans is to open up our APIs for business integrations. The APIs will allow users to shop online, view galleries and make friends. Someone will need to craft all those environments, create the products, maintain the shops⁠—just imagine the scale of workforce that will be required, and the sales that it will generate,” the team says.

DecentWorld also plans to launch other innovative products, such as the 3D immersive layer, Buildings NFT sale, interactive messaging channels and many more. This year will see the full release of APIs.


DecentWorldThis Swiss digital platform for metaverse real estate is built upon blockchain technology. Members can trade and purchase virtual Street NFTs. These NFTs can be used to create Collections. The owner gets a return on their collected yields, which adds to their value. DecentWorld uses state-of-the art security measures to ensure trust and transparency within the blockchain industry.

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