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How to talk to your boss about being overlooked while working remotely


The return-to office debate drags on. some executivesThey are signaling that flexible, long-term work comes with a cost. losing out on opportunitiesGet ahead

It is up to leaders to change processes and recognize proximity bias. However, some people may still believe that only in-person collaboration is best. Therefore you will need to be open about how remote participation can be maintained while “showing up,” in a way that they understand.

It can be daunting to speak up for yourself when you are a remote worker, but it isn’t difficult, says author and therapist. podcast host Esther Perel. This is not a problem. You just need to make it clearer and try different ways of getting face-time with your boss.

Be strategic about making your presence felt virtually and to the right people — say the leader who has a clear preference for in-person work, or the department head who makes decisions around assignments and promotions.

Perel advises sending Perel a message stating that you would like to have a meeting with someone higher up if you’re new or if you wish to make contact with someone you do not work directly with. It was important for me to be able to give you more information about my life and the things I’m currently concentrating on.

Your main concern should always be disclosed: I believe that sometimes, when working remotely these things can become less visible. This would allow me to be more transparent about who and what my contributions are to the company.

It is important to show initiative by making the effort. You are the best. average CEO is in their 50sPerel states that older generations have been “raised by the necessity of showing up.” People may require extra assurance that they can achieve good results even though you are not physically there. “That may not always be something they understand,” she says.

You might find that the person will eventually be more open to your ideas and contributions. It might be less stressful if they reach out again. If you are asked for a promotion or assignment, at the minimum, your previous initiative will be shown.

You can also raise your concern and your plan of action with your direct manager, who can advocate for you with senior leadership when you’re not in the room — whether physically or virtually.

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