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Smart contracts can redesign legal agreements, but businesses beware -Breaking


Businesses need to be aware that smart contracts are capable of rewriting legal agreements.

What was your last late payment? Have you ever had to chase an invoice? Waited for your monthly paycheck only to realize it’s late yet again? As an employee, client or investor you might feel the same. The tension between these different parties often results from one constant contributor: the underlying contract.

Contracts affect every organization’s workforce, and 26% of employees are involved in managing these agreements at some point, AccordingTo the World Commerce and Contracting Association. With such a vast effect on a company’s contributors, these contracts should be up to par with the rest of a business’s advancements. Contracts are often left up to humans to be managed and executed by the other party. This can cause costly oversight and errors.

Tudor VrabieSeedOn is his co-founder. In 2018, he also founded HungryBytes. This was after he had been a Grapefruit technology lead and PHP developer. Vrabie, a web developer and software engineer, is using his skills to transform crowdfunding.