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Russia has failed in first 100 days of war, says ex-U.S. official


One of the last remaining Russian tanks was found 25 miles west-of Kyiv. A former U.S. diplomat claims that Russia didn’t achieve the key strategic goals in the Ukraine conflict within 100 days.

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Russia failed to reach its strategic objectives in the first 100 days of war, and Ukraine does not need to give up substantial territory to end the conflict, William Courtney at Rand Corporation told CNBC’s “Adjunct Senior Fellow”.Capital ConnectionOn Monday.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 24, calling it “a special military operation.” The war reached its 100th day Friday.

Over 100 days the Russians have retreated from their strategic goals at best tactically and perhaps not so strategically. Three major cities were the original target: Kyiv (Kharkiv) and Odessa (Odessa). Russian troops were forced to abandon Kyiv, Kharkiv. Und [they]Courtney also served as U.S. Ambassador to Georgia and Kazakhstan.

What about regime change?

Courtney suggested that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin could be ousted from office by the conflict. There could be regime changes in Russia. “The intense Western sanctions that are being applied to the Russian economy, combined with battle setbacks, could result in popular unrest or elite infighting,” said he.

Courtney stated that Russia is embarrassed by these “setbacks” on the battlefield. However, the Ukrainians have been able retake parts of Donetsk (eastern Ukraine) despite Russia’s presence in the area.

Russia is embarrassed by their failure to accomplish these key goals. While the Russians concentrate their forces in Donetsk right now, it is interesting to note that Ukrainian forces managed to retake Donetsk’s most important areas in just a few days,” he explained. This suggests that Russia may be limited in its ability to field larger forces.

‘Proxy war’

Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, called for a diplomatic settlement to end war. He spoke on May 23 at the World Economic Forum. potential concessions of territory by Ukraine. The idea was strongly rejected by Ukraine. And French President Emmanuel Macron recently said Russia should not be “humiliated.”

Courtney, however, is of a completely different opinion and dismisses the necessity for Russia to find a “face-saving” solution in order to end the conflict. He referred to historic events and said that the The Soviet Union did not need to be appeased in order to pull out of Afghanistan in 1989, or to bring an end to the Cuban missile crises.

“It will.” [not]Courtney stated that Ukraine must make significant territorial concessions in order to reach a peaceful settlement. Courtney also said there was strong support from Western countries for Ukraine. This has turned into a proxy war. This is not Russia’s war on Ukraine. “It’s actually a Russian war on the West,” he said. 

It is still very fluid on the battlefield. End result will be determined by where the troops stand when fighting ends.

William Courtney

An ex-US diplomat

It is too soon to know which side has won, he said. The battlefield is fluid. He said that “the end result will be dependent very much on where troops were when fighting stops”, adding that Russia still holds “a fair amount” of territory between Crimea and western Russia.