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TrueFi launches on Optimism, expanding access to on-chain credit -Breaking


TrueFi launch on Optimism to expand access to on-chain financial services

Unsecured lending protocol TrueFi has become the latest project to launch on Optimism, Ethereum’s popular layer-2 scaling solution, in a move that’s expected to boost demand from non-institutional lenders.

By launching on Optimism, TrueFi’s lender community will have access to a faster and cheaper user experience, as well as gain exposure to a wider pool of retail lenders. “TrueFi users can now lend, borrow and launch portfolios on Optimism to enjoy dramatically reduced transaction costs and network speeds,” Rafael Cosman, co-founder of TrustToken, told Cointelegraph in a written statement. He explained further:

TVL on Optimism appears not to have been affected by the overall downtrend in DeFi. Source: DeFi Llama