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Armed man arrested outside Brett Kavanaugh home


Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh takes part in a group photograph of Justices on the Supreme Court, Washington, April 23, 20,21.

Erin Schaff | Pool | Reuters

Police arrested a man with pepper spray, knife and a handgun early Tuesday morning near the Maryland residence of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

According to authorities, the man said that he wanted to kill Kavanaugh, who resides in Chevy Chase, outside Washington, D.C.

This man is not from Maryland. The taxi driver took him to Kavanaugh’s residence. According to authorities, he stopped at Kavanaugh’s residence but was not there.

In a statement, the Supreme Court stated that a man was taken into custody near Justice Kavanaugh’s home at approximately 1.50 AM today. He threatened Justice Kavanaugh and was armied. He was brought to Montgomery County Police 2nd District.

Kavanaugh, as well as other conservative Supreme Court justices were the target of protests following the release of a major draft opinion, which would have overturned the constitutional right of abortion. Justice Samuel Alito (another conservative) wrote the draft. 

CNBC did not receive a response from the Montgomery County Police Department. U.S. spokesperson said the agency is investigating. The Marshals Service stated that they were investigating the matter.

Since last month’s unprecedented leakage of the draft opinion, security has been increased at each of nine justices’ residences.

Mid-May saw the Department of Justice state that Marshals Service provided “around the clock security” to the homes of nine justices.

CNBC was informed by a Marshal Service spokesperson that security precautions are in effect at justice’s homes.

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