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Microsoft HoloLens creator Alex Kipman leaving the company


Alex Kipman (technical fellow at Microsoft) reveals “HoloLens 2,” in a presentation during the Mobile World Congress, which took place just before the biggest mobile event in Barcelona on February 24, 2019.

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After an interview with Microsoft, Alex Kipman (head of HoloLens at Microsoft) has resigned. Insider storyHe claimed that he was being accused by coworkers of indecent behavior. Microsoft announced that it will be restructuring its HoloLens mixed-reality group following the resignation.

This is a crucial time in the history of HoloLens technology.

HoloLens overlays digital data on top of real-world information. It has been used by Microsoft to cater to corporate partners through its so-called industrial metaverse,The headsets, which company claims can aid factory floor workers in producing and managing supply chains. Kawasaki signed up recently to allow its employees to create robots using the headsets.

Kipman joined Microsoft in 2001. Former and current workers have accused him of misconduct towards female employees. Insider report published late last month. Insider asked Kipman for comments but he did not reply. CNBC was also not able to reach him immediately.

Microsoft did not confirm or deny specific accusations against Kipman, other executives to CNBC. However, Microsoft confirmed that Kipman will be leaving the company in order to pursue other interests.

The company is planning to shift its Mixed Reality Hardware group into the Windows & Devices organization. Additionally, it is moving the Mixed Reality Presence and Collaboration Group into Microsoft Teams. Meanwhile, BloombergMicrosoft said that it is currently deciding whether or not to further develop AR hardware.

Microsoft announced that Kipman will assist with the team’s transition in the next two-months.

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