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Trump at center of effort to reverse Biden win


On Thursday, the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 Capitol Riot will begin its first series of public hearings. Donald TrumpA coordinated effort to overthrow President Obama is “at the heart” Joe Biden‘s 2020 election` victory.

New details will reveal how this effort led directly to violence at Capitol by a mob made up of Trump supporters on January 6, 2021. This was according to committee aides who spoke out on a preview call for reporters.

Thursday’s hearing is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET will start with opening statements from Rep. Bennie Thompson of D-Miss. and Rep. Liz Cheney, Republican vice chair.

A nine member committee will show footage from the scene of the attack and Caroline Edwards (a Capitol Police officer) will testify about her brain injuries.

Nick Quested is also scheduled to testify. Quested is a documentary filmmaker who followed members of Proud Boys in the days preceding the riot as well as on the day itself.

According to an aide of the panel, the committee will present records from interviews with prior witnesses and tapes. These include recordings and tapes that were not previously seen.

The hearing on Thursday comes 10 months after the investigation of the House select committee. It has interviewed more than 1000 witnesses and collected more than 140,000 documents.

A panel member said Wednesday that the select committee would present to the American people its initial findings regarding the January 6 attack and its causes. He spoke on condition of anonymity to reporters to talk about the hearing.

“We’ll be sharing new information showing that the January 6 violence resulted from a coordinated, multi-step attempt to overturn the 2020 election results and stop Joe Biden’s power transfer to Donald Trump. And that ex-president Donald Trump was in the middle of this effort.”

A spokesman added, “There will also be lots of new information at.” [Thursday’s]Hearing that is beyond what we hear as witnesses.

Two Republicans are members of this panel: Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois and Cheney. They were both appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-Calif.

Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), House Minority Leader, withdrew all five GOP nominees, after Pelosi rejected Jim Jordan, Indiana Rep., and Jim Banks, Rep. from Indiana.

Cheney, who was a member of the GOP House Conference committee, lost her chair position and is considered a pariah by many fellow Republicans.

Trump had made false claims for weeks that he had won the 2020 Presidential Election’s popular votes. Biden also claimed that the Electoral College win was invalid because of ballot fraud in a small number of swing states.

These arguments were not accepted by any court. Trump’s Attorney General at the Time, William Barr, also stated that the claims were unfounded.

The invasion at the Capitol delayed the confirmation by the joint session of Congress of Biden’s electoral victory for many hours. Members fled to hide as rioters invaded the Capitol and entered the Senate chamber.

The riot resulted in five deaths, one being a Capitol Police officer. Another was a member the mob, who was killed while trying to break into a chamber adjacent to the House Chamber.

More than 100 officers were injured in the insurrection. It also led to over 800 arrests. This was one of the most extensive criminal investigations in the history the Justice Department.

Over 300 Capitol Riot defendants pleaded guilty and were convicted in court.

On Monday, the next public hearing of the committee will be held. Wednesday’s third session is planned for Wednesday.

The committee could hold eight public hearings this month. Additional sessions are possible afterwards.

A spokesman for the committee noted that these hearings were the first findings of the committee, but that it was still investigating.

According to an aide, “We view this as disclosing our initial findings to American citizens in this first set of hearings.” Everything remains open for future developments.

The panel must issue its final report, they said. Thompson, who is the chairman of the panel, indicated that a report could be ready by fall.

While the work of the committee is being made public, they continue to solicit testimony from key witnesses.

McCarthy (the GOP House leader) and four other Republican lawmakers were subpoenaed by the panel last month. They refused to cooperate with the investigation.

A few members of this group said they would not obey the subpoenas.

McCarthy and Jordan (one of the subpoena target) argued in an op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal that the select panel is “weaponizing the government to attack Republicans.”

Peter Navarro, a former Trump White House Top aide, and Steve Bannon were criminally charged for contempt of Congress after refusing to obey subpoenas from the committee.

Because they refused to submit to subpoenas by committees, the Justice Department did not pursue criminal charges against Mark Meadows, ex-White House chief of staff to Trump, and Dan Scavino.