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Armstrong tweets in public airing of Coinbase’s internal discontent -Breaking


Armstrong tweets during public broadcasting of Coinbase internal discontent

Unhappy Coinbase (NASDAQ) employee 0x58E3 created on Thursday a petition to requesting the resignation of three senior executives. Operation Revive COIN was the title of the petition. It has since been removed. Capturedby Internet Archive or other sites. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, responded in detail via Twitter (NYSE:).

Coinbase chief operating officer Emilie Choi, chief product officer Surojit Chatterjee and chief people officer LJ Brock were the targets of the call for removal for “executing plans and ideas that have led to questionable results and negative values.” The author listed eight of their failings in detail. The list included The unsuccessful Coinbase NFT platform, rescindingJob offers for employees to be hired, poor management, toxic working environments and inapathy This was the end of the petition: