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Beijing, Shanghai reimpose some bans


On June 9, 2022 in Beijing, China, people waited in line to receive nucleic acids tests for COVID-19. China has claimed that it is able to control recent influenza outbreaks in Beijing. This comes after hundreds of individuals tested positive in the last week.

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BEIJING — China’s two largest cities are tightening some Covid measures again, just days after loosening them as the virus appeared under control.

According to state media, Shanghai has announced that it will conduct mass testing in seven of 16 areas this weekend after a two month lockdown. These areas include financial and downtown neighborhoods.

The city stated in the comment section that residents living in areas affected by the test will have to remain home for the duration of the testing.

However, it was unclear to what degree other restrictions would apply during testing. The implementation of Covid restrictions may vary from one apartment community to the next. Factories may be able to continue operation as long as their workers reside on the site or in bubbles.

Minhang was one of seven districts located in the vicinity of Shanghai and advised residents on Thursday not to leave during Saturday virus testing.

Bars and entertainment venues in Beijing were ordered to shut down by at least three localities on Thursday. A few other cases that were linked to nightclubs or bars in the aftermath of Wednesday’s confirmed Covid incident, including one more for Tuesday.

Beijing allowed restaurants on Monday to resume serving customers inside stores,After being allowed to takeout and delivery for about one month, the outbreak was finally under control. Late April was the start of the most recent outbreak in Capital City.

CNBC Pro provides more details about China

Mainland China reports 30 confirmed Covid cases on Thursday. Inner Mongolia has 15 cases. A small town was shut down last week following a handful of new Covid cases.

Universal Beijing Resort announced earlier in this week that they would be reopening on June 15th, after temporarily closing its doors in early May.

Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and other attractions have been shut down since March. Some Shanghai DisneyFriday: The reopening of the resort retail area and areas in parks

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