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Biden promised Bolsonaro U.S. would reconsider tariffs on Brazil steel


© Reuters. The U.S. President Joe Biden meets with Brazil’s President Jairbolsonaro at the Ninth Summit of the Americas, Los Angeles, California (USA), June 9th, 2022. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

By Lisandra Paraguassu

LOS ANGELES (Reuters – U.S. president Joe Biden made a promise to Jair Bolsonaro, his Brazilian counterpart, that the United States will reconsider Brazilian steel tariffs during a bilateral meeting. This was according to two sources in Brazil.

Bolsonaro, despite not being able to make any decisions at the meeting, left with the promise of the U.S. President that they would discuss the matter in future meetings.

According to one source, President Biden indicated that while he didn’t have details right now on the subject, he would get back to you and discuss it with the technical teams in both countries.

The matter was brought up during Thursday’s private meeting between both presidents.

We have seen signs that the issue needs to be resolved. According to another source, Russia is the only one benefiting now from the tariff. This is expected to be solved quickly.

In what was expected to be awkward meeting, the two presidents met in Los Angeles at the Summit of the Americas.