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Finnair to adapt and shrink after Russian airspace closure, CEO tells Bloomberg -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO Topi Manner is Finnair’s newly appointed CEO. She poses in Vantaa (Finland), September 4, 2018. Lehtikuva/Roni Rekomaa via REUTERS


HELSINKI (Reuters). Finnair, Finland’s national airline, was badly affected by Russian flightspace closures. According to the chief executive of Finnair, Bloomberg News reported Friday that the company plans to focus on Asia travel, and decrease its size.

Finnair was able to offer short connections between Asia and Europe through its Helsinki hub. This route used a small portion of Siberian airspace, which is currently closed for European airlines because of the war in Ukraine.

Topi Manner stated to reporters that as a first action, in reviewing our strategy after the Russian airspace shutdown, they have pivoted their network westward and increasing our routes into Southeast Asia.

Manner stated that Finnair was planning to move towards the United States, Southeast Asia and India.

Manner explained that the company will have to be resized when it reviews its strategy. He also said that there was no way for the new routes to replace all of the Asian traffic.

Manner stated that Finnair leases out 10% of its capacity during summer to Deutsche Lufthansa and British Airways.