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Hyundai Motor Ulsan plants’ output hit due to truckers’ strike


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO – Hyundai Motor sedans are parked in a shipping yard owned by South Korea’s largest automakers Hyundai Motor Co. and its affiliate Kia Motors Corp. It is located at a port at Pyeongtaek (about 70km/43 miles south of Seoul on January 22, 2013). REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

SEOUL/ULSAN (Reuters). -The production at Hyundai Motor Co.’s largest factory in South Korea was halved Thursday because of component shortages triggered a strike by truckers, a union official said Friday.

Around 8,100 Cargo Truckers Solidarity members in Brazil went on strike on Thursday for the third time to protest rising fuel prices. This disruption of production, slower activity at ports, and new threats to the global supply chain, led to the striking of more than 36%.

According to Reuters witnesses, about 1,000 truckers started a strike on Friday in front Hyundai’s Ulsan factory, in the south.

Officials from the union stated that the automaker’s Ulsan plants had operated at full capacity prior to the strike. They were operating at 50-60% capacity Thursday.

Hyundai acknowledged that there had been disruption, however they declined to give details.

A spokesperson for Hyundai Motor told Reuters that there were “some disruptions in production due to truckers strikes, and we hope that production would be normalised soon.”