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Ronin blockchain exceeds $4 billion in all-time NFT sales volume By BTC Peers


Ronin Blockchain surpasses $4Billion in NFT volume all-time

Despite the wobbly state of the NFT and crypto markets, the popular play-to-earn blockchain platform “Ronin” has reached a new milestone, accumulating over $4 billion in its total sales volume.

Ronin is now ahead of Flow, Polygon and many others. Just behind, which still holds the title as largest blockchain for digital collectibles based on all-time volume, sits.

Ronin was created in 2020 by Sky Mavis, the same company responsible for popular play-to-earn game “.” It was built after its developers noticed that Ethereum’s base layer was too expensive and inefficient to process the transactions needed to power the game.

As of June 5, Ronin’s total sales volume was approximately $4.07 billion, a welcome development for the platform whose native token (RON) plummeted to record lows in the May market crash.

RON traded at $3.56 upon its debut as a crypto trading currency in January 2022. The cryptocurrency reached an all-time record high of $4.32 that day. It also saw a drop to $0.4275 the following month.

As of press time, the coin’s price stands at $0.47, indicating an 87% decline in the whole of 2022.

An increase in sales last August led to the chain’s spike in total transaction counts, with 305,127 unique buyers and 1,853,437 transactions. The chain’s monthly peak sales volume, which was about $848.24million, coincided.

Ronin made notable sales in July (6666.17million), September (518.87million), October (5545.79million), November (2021 (7754.76million), and November 2021 (754.76million). These all contribute to this milestone.

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