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Syscoin’s In-house NEVM Layer 2 Rollup Solution, Rollux Releases -Breaking


Syscoin’s In-house NEVM Layer 2 Rollup Solution, Rollux Releases
  • Syscoin unveils a complete in-house Layer 2 rollup Suite Rollex.
  • Syscoin may now offer web3 services with Rollux
  • Rollux will continue to use Optimistic rollups after ZK rollups become mature.

To provide a competent platform with Bitcoin’s security, Ethereum’s versatility, and its own scaling solutions, the decentralized, open-source project Syscoin is constantly upgrading its blockchain architecture since it is meant to be utilized by everyone from the unbanked to the elite corporations and governments.

Syscoin successfully completed its first stage of the three-phase Network-Enhanced Virtual Machines plan (NEVM), last December, when it launched NEVM Layer 1 With the Phase 2: Rollups approaching integration, Syscoin has unveiled its in-house Layer 2 rollup suite — Rollux.

Syscoin Platform has established itself as an economically viable, decentralized platform comparable to web2, and plans to offer web3 services natively or via a bridge to Rollux.

Rollux is a Layer 2 service that will utilize Optimistic rollups once ZK rolls ups are mature. Rollux is a white-glove Service that will utilize modular technology as much as possible to provide exceptional Layer 2 capabilities.

Jagdeep Sidhu was the Syscoin lead developer and spoke about these groundbreaking breakthroughs.

Recently, there has been renewed interest in security and scalability of Optimistic rollups. This has forced us to reexamine this technology, even though ZK-Rollups is our favorite. Another reason is code base maturity. Optimistic rollsups have a Zk-EVM that is still being released.

The lead developer further added that “[they] also believe that with direct EVM equivalence, such as Nitro and Cannon technologies, we can unlock performance and scale that will advance the space and likely give a window of a few years before ZK-Rollups will be as efficient.”

Due to Rollux’s support, Syscoin’s NEVM will be the first to enforce Sindhu’s Proof-of-Data Availability (PoDA). It will be the first to allow optimistic rollups, which is possible after Ethereum 2.0 adopts a PoS consensus algorithm.

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