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Tesla files for 3-for-1 stock split


Elon Musk during an event at SpaceX headquarters, Hawthorne in California on Thursday October 10, 2019

Bloomberg /Getty

Tesla filed their latest filing annual proxy statementSEC revealed that they plan to do a three-for-1 stock split. Larry Ellison is not planning on standing for reelection.

The filing stated that Tesla’s proposed stock split would allow them to attract and retain excellent talent. It also noted that the “highly competitive compensation package” that offered every employee the option of receiving equity was a key factor in their success. We believe that the Stock Split will help to reset the stock price so our employees have greater flexibility when managing their equity.

This stock split could allow smaller investors to feel that they are financially able to purchase the stock. However, these investors will be much less than major institutions. A lot of brokerages offer fractional trading which allows small investors to purchase a piece of expensive stock.

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