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U.S. pledges more visas for Cubans, Haitians at Summit of the Americas -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO. U.S. President Joe Biden addresses guests at a Getty Villa dinner for Summit of the Americas leaders and spouses. This was held in Los Angeles (California), U.S.A, on June 9, 2022. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque     


Ted Hesson and Daina Beth Solomon

LOS ANGELES/WASHINGTON – Washington’s Biden Administration will invest $314 million in Venezuelan migrants. The funds will also be used to restart programs that allowed some Cubans to reunite with their family members back in America, U.S. agency announced Friday.

This announcement came as part of an effort at the Summit of the Americas Los Angeles to tackle migration problems, especially in the United States where the number of immigrants arriving at the U.S. – Mexico border is at record levels.

On Friday, the U.S. President Joe Biden will sign a statement with others attending the summit pledging a more cooperative approach in dealing with migration.

According to Democratic President, migration is a concern throughout the world and not just at the Mexican border.

Republicans who seek to regain control in the U.S. Congress by winning midterm elections in November have harshly criticized Biden’s decision to reverse some restrictive policies of Donald Trump and attempted to make the situation at Mexico border a crisis.

Biden’s administration called for the Americas to improve protections of migrants and enforce borders to deport anyone who is not eligible for asylum.

Late Thursday, a senior U.S. official stated to reporters that “concrete promises” would be made by the United States and other nations and that they “expect all countries to do their part.”

In addition to the declaration, several US programs were announced that would increase legal immigration and support immigrants abroad. The U.S. pledged to boost its Central America hiring of temporary workers.

U.S. State Department announced Friday that $171million in emergency relief for Venezuelan migrants, as well as humanitarian aid, will be included in the U.S. funding pledge to Venezuelan migrants.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Biden’s administration will also restart certain programs that allowed U.S. permanent residents and citizens to request humanitarian parole to allow their family members in Cuba or Haiti to travel to the United States.

Friday’s announcement by the Biden administration also pointed out “unprecedented efforts” that were launched in April in order to stop human smuggling and an earlier regulation, which was implemented late May to accelerate processing of asylum seekers crossing into Mexico.

Biden asks other governments to enhance their asylum systems as well as remove those not eligible.

According to the U.S., the official briefing journalists on the summit declaration said that they would continue to support countries making strong efforts to improve their asylum capacities. He spoke under anonymity.

The United States supports the United States’ efforts to reduce illegal immigration and alleviate labor shortages.

The Biden administration proclaimed the summit as an opportunity to make regional migration agreements. However, Mexican leaders and others who send migrants north were not there, which raises questions about whether any such declaration would be effective. This suggestion has been rejected by the Biden administration.