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xtingles Brings Wellness into Web3 Through Deep Life Labs -Breaking


xtingles Introduces Wellness to Web3 via Deep Life Labs
  • NFT platform xtingles announces it’s forming Deep Life Labs.
  • xtingles can be used as a platform to collect ASMR NFT items.
  • Deep Life Labs is a company that will create ASMR experiences for xtingles and collectibles.

xtingles announced that it will expand its efforts to bring ASMR into Web3 through the formation of Deep Life Labs, a parent organisation that will assist in creating meaningful ASMR experiences for users and collecting collectibles via the xtingles platform. xtingles serves as a hub for ASMR NFT collectibles.

Deep Life Labs is not only developing new methods to collect ASMR content but will also work on an extensive collection of projects that relate to well-being in Web3.

Deep Life Labs team believe that the internet is changing our world and it’s important to have ways to stay healthy. Deep Life Labs believes that their efforts are leading the way in this area. They focus on using Web3 technologies to virtualize wellness.

Deep Life Labs, with its improved production capabilities and technical abilities, will reportedly allow for the creation of additional well-being projects, closing the gap between Web3 wellness and Web3. As the company’s innovation and production hub, Deep Life Labs will connect xtingles and its other Web3 well-being initiatives to build a more comprehensive collection of well-being experiences and collectibles.

Andrew Fai is Chief Visionary Officer of xtingles. He claims they realized the importance of their platform in bringing ASMR and related content closer to a larger audience.

Deep Life Labs was founded with the mission of generating excitement and exploration in all people on their journeys to peace and growth. By creating engaging experiences and communities that are focused on wellbeing, we plan to accomplish this.

Deep Life Labs also plans to grant xtingles owners special whitelist access, to Cozies, its first major product. The blockchain will issue 10,000 genesis NFTs, which holders of xtingles may claim. Deep Life Labs hopes to create a Web3 creative paradise with Cozies.

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