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Six Questions from Nikki Farb about Headline

Our Weekly Highlights Six Questions to Nikki Farb, an active investor and advisor for technology companies. She is currently a Venture Partner at Headline Capital.

With a passion for the Web3 and consumer tech, I also invest. Consensys, AfterParty and Fractal are some of the companies I have invested in.

1. What’s the most difficult challenge in your industry?

2 Do you subscribe to the idea of as a means of payment, a store of value, both… or neither?

3. Do you believe governments will attempt to destroy crypto?

4. What was your high school experience like?

5. Think of your favorite song or poem. What is its meaning?

6 Name the book or series that has most influenced and explains why.

This is a dream for young and ambitious members of the blockchain community.

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