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Bieber illness video is heartbreaking, says UK patient with same condition -Breaking


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By Natasa Bansagi

(Reuters] – Justin Bieber is being treated for facial paralysis. A second patient said that she is saddened by his condition and that he has made people aware.

He was very touching. In a video interview, Nicoya Rescorla from Marazion (southwest England) told Reuters that she never dreamed that I would be able to relate so strongly with someone I didn’t already know.

Bieber was a former teen idol and revealed on Friday that he has been suffering from a viral illness that rendered half his face paralysed. He had to cancel several performances. In a Instagram video, he said he was suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome. This is characterized by nerve damage to his face and ears, as well as the loss of his right eye.

Rescorla claimed she had the syndrome about 20 months before her child, then 11-weeks old, was admitted to the hospital for a serious infection. Her grandfather was also in the hospital and Rescorla was forced to leave her care to go to a home.

    “I think personally for me stress was a huge factor, a huge factor,” said Rescorla, who is also 28 and has three children.

It is hard to believe that someone else has been through what you are going through. Justin Bieber is a big celebrity. I was also proud to see him spreading awareness about Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

It was both heartwarming to see him spreading awareness and heartbreaking to hear that he was actually going through it.

Rescorla stated that her condition has made it impossible for her to leave her home or drive. Rescorla stated that her symptoms include vertigo and drinking from a straw.

“I switched from being so independent, fiercely independent to having my husband look after me, because I wasn’t able to handle it myself,” she stated.