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Cherry Network To Launch Network Mainnet on June 12 and 14 -Breaking


Cherry Network to Launch Network Mainnet June 12-14
  • Cherry Network will launch its mainnet sometime between June 12th and 14th.
  • The mainnet will launch a week later and staking will be added.
  • This project integrates smart contracts and decentralized file system into a layer-1 Blockchain.

Cherry Network, which is a blockchain for data operations, will be launching its mainnet June 12-14 ahead of its staking feature rollout on the following week, according to sources.

Following the mainnet and staking feature launch, the team expects multiple projects to integrate with the Cherry Chain and utilize the ecosystem’s suite of developer tools and resources.

Cherry Network (decentralized autonomous organization) is working on a layer-1 Blockchain that integrates decentralized files systems and smart contracts. This network is able to offer products, services and solutions that are affordable, transparent, secure, and cost-effective.

The Cherry team claims that their DAO is a platform to allow developer and user privacy as well as decentralized data storage and payment integrations. A virtual machine (EVM), in addition to the new on-chain stake, is also part of the Cherry Network.

Herman Jacobs is the project’s leader. He oversees both technical and business operations at Cherry. Along with Herman Jacobs, the project leader, are other prominent founders and executives as well venture capitalists and partners of various blockchain- and digital service firms.

CQ also learned from the Cherry team that several investments firms, such as Luben Capital or Shima Capital have made deals for the project.

Luben Capital’s portfolio lists Lattice (OTC:) Exchange, Parallel, and Chainflip, among others. Shima is also involved in the business of Algorand Network and Boba Network.

Although it is relatively young, Cherry has launched its own platform (, a retail investment platform. The platform also hosted a beta of which was a web3 content creator platform. The Cherry Network also hosts crypto payments services, dApp It is expected to be fully launched in the next weeks.

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