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Dogecoin Faces the Reality of an Even Further Decline in Price -Breaking


Dogecoin faces the reality of a further decline in price
  • After the bulls lost support at the $0.08 level, the (DOGE-) price remains in turmoil
  • It appears that the bears will not let go of their grip on the meme currency until the liquidity at the May 12th lows, $0.068 is removed.
  • DOGE now has a market value of $0.07625, after a drop in price by 3.62% over 24 hours.

Dogecoin’s (DOGE) prices are still in chaos following the loss of support from bulls at $0.08. After bears broke through a triangle structure which had been positioned on DOGE during May, the DOGE price will drop further.

Doge/USDT 1-day chart (Source FXStreet).

Bears will likely begin to inject capital into short positions in order to take advantage of the imminent price decline. A further troubling aspect is the fact that the bearish-engulfing candle has broken the structure and is now in free fall.

DOGE currently has a value of $0.07625. There is still the possibility of a brief pause before moving to $0.072. The bears seem unlikely to let go of their grip on the meme currency until the liquidity at the May 12th lowest level, $0.068, is exhausted.

DOGE’s rejection at 40 Relative Strength Index level is another bearish sign.

DOGE must break above $0.085, if it is going to end the current bearish downtrend. If this were to happen, it could lead to a relief rally into the $0.12 region, which could lead to a 60% increase from DOGE’s current price.

CoinMarketCap reports that DOGE’s current value is $0.07625, after an average drop of 3.62% over the past 24 hour. DOGE saw an additional 6.59% drop in price over the past week.

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