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June 11 Price Analysis for ALGO, APE, ADA, AAVE, and AVAX -Breaking


June 11, 2011 Price Analysis of ALGO and APE, ADAs, AAVES, and AVAX
  • The entire cryptocurrency market has dropped by 3.76% as of today.
  • ALGO is currently suffering from the same fate, with its current drop in 5.72%.
  • ADA’s performance has been quite good over the past few days. It rose by approximately 40.47% in anticipation for the Vasil HardFork.

As of today, the entire crypto market is down by 3.76%, and just yesterday, the S&P 500 index also fell by 2.7%.

Algorand, (ALGO), seems to be facing the same fate at the moment. It is currently down by 5.72%. The Altcoin has experienced a downward trend for most of the month. Its price fell from $0.74 down to $0.36.

(Source: FXEmpire)

ApeCoin has fallen steadily since its April record high. In the past week, the crypto suffered a 11% decline in its price. APE’s price dropped by 3.18% over 24 hours. It does look like APE may see a trend reverse as bearishness towards the Awesome Oscillator is on the decline.

(Source: FXEmpire)

Cardano, on the other side, is doing well, with a rise of around 40.47% over the past days in anticipation for Vasil Hard. However, crypto was impacted by the general bear market and fell by 3.24% within the last 24 hour.

(Source: FXEmpire)

The price of AAVE (AAVE), has dropped 10.36% in the past seven days. Now, it is looking for the $100 support level. It could be difficult.

The bullish crossover which has been gaining momentum since May seems to be threatening the bearish crossover.

(Source: FXEmpire)

Avalanche, (AVAX), continues its downward trend that began in April. In the past 24 hours, Avalanche (AVAX) has seen a drop in its value of around 78.26%. As of today, AVAX’s is worth $22.30, which is a 7.01% drop in price in 24 hours.


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