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Mexico disbands migrant caravan that set out for U.S. during Americas Summit -Breaking


© Reuters. FILEPHOTO: After receiving documents to cross Mexico, migrants leave their caravan and wait for a bus to take them to Huixtla Bus Station, Mexico on June 10, 2022. REUTERS/Quetzalli Nicte-Ha/File Photo


MEXICO CITY (Reuters] – Mexican immigration officials disbanded a migrant car caravan of approximately 7,000 people on Saturday. The government cut off the group’s journey which was scheduled to coincide with the Summit of the Americas at Los Angeles.

Mexico’s National Institute for Migration (INM), in a statement, said it had dismantled the caravan through an agreement reached with the organizers. It also directed people to the INM offices located in Chiapas. It also provided assistance to migrants in obtaining documents that will allow them to legally stay in the country.

According to migration activists, the caravan could have been one of the largest in the region, and left Tapachula, the southern border town, on Monday. The INM reported that the caravan was comprised of individuals from Central America as well Venezuelan, Haitian, and other countries.

Following the U.S. Summit of the Americas which saw divisions following the exclusion of leftist Latin American countries, the disbandment of the caravan is a result. American President Joe Biden joined other Western Hemisphere leaders to discuss a range of programs for migrants that are supported by different countries in the region and Spain. They also pledged a more cooperative approach.

The United States and Canada have committed to taking more guest labourers and providing legal pathways to allow people to travel to work. Other countries also agree to provide better protections for migrants. Analysts were not convinced that these pledges would make any significant impact.

A White House statement stated that Mexico would also take in more Central American workers.