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Helium (HNT): Project Review, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community
  • Helium, which has raked in $200 million in revenue from Andreessen Horowitz and Tiger Global, is the fastest growing wireless network project in the world.
  • The project is now working to become a “network of networks” after HIP-51 was passed on June 5.
  • Helium just launched a new mobile application that lets users manage tokens while controlling Hotspots.
  • Helium (HNT), a crypto that consolidates, has seen a more than 80 percent increase in its value over the past 14 days.

Helium (HNT) is a decentralized blockchain that powers The People’s Network, currently described as the fastest-growing wireless network in the world. Helium is a 5G Internet-of-Things-focused project.

Helium’s technology allows anyone to build huge, cost-efficient wireless infrastructure. Users can leverage Helium’s nodes called Hotspots to connect low-powered wireless devices allowing them to communicate with each other and send data across its network.

Helium’s biggest achievement was the raising of $200 million from Tiger Global in March 2022 and Andreessen Horowitz. What has been the performance of Helium since?

Recent developments

The Helium Wallet was launched by Helium Foundation on Thursday, June 8. You can find the wallet in both Apple’s (NASDAQ:) as well as Android’s play store. This app allows users to manage their identities and tokens on the Helium network.

The Helium Wallet App allows users to import their unique 12 word seed phrase and use it as a control point for all hotspots. This option can be found in Maker Apps and Dashboards.

Helium Foundation launched MosoLabs just after it had launched its wallet. It will offer users exceptional products which empower them to grow and use the Helium 5G network.

MosoLabs, a company which designs and distributes hardware and software to open-source wireless networks.

Helium Network also has 850,000 Hotspots making it the largest decentralized wireless network.

Binary Beer joined the Helium Network as the latest member in May. Binary Beer now leverages Helium’s technology to track and monitor inventory accurately, enabling digital transformation across the draught beer industry.

Future Events

Helium will be participating in Helium House ATX on June 11, where it will “showcase and celebrate digital currencies” at the Riley Building in Austin, Texas.

Following the successful voting on the Helium Improvement Proposal 51 (HIP-51), Helium now looks to make Helium and its token HNT become a “Network of Networks.”

Helium engineers will be working on scaling the HeliumNetwork to allow for new users, devices, and various types of networks such as WiFi, cellular VPN and LPWAN.

Prices Updates

Helium (HNT), thanks to these significant developments, has been able to maintain a steady rally. HNT, which has rallied and is now the third most valuable crypto currency after other ones have consolidated in June.

This is the 7D chart for Helium (HNT). Source: CoinMarketCap

HNT’s price has increased by over 80% in the past 14 days. It traded as high at $12.3, up from $7.2. Helium gained 37% in the past 7 days making it the largest gainer of the 100 top cryptos according to market capital.

Helium has moved up several spots in this rankings due to the price rise. Helium currently ranks as the 41st most valuable crypto by market value. HNT currently trades at $11.46 with a market capital of $1.388 million.

To The Flipside

  • Helium (HNT), despite recent price increases, trades at 78% less than the November 2021 high of $55.22.


Describing itself as the People’s network, Helium prides itself on being a community-centric project. Helium Hotspots enable community members earn free HNT by using only their smartphones. Helium users love this feature.

A Twitter user (NYSE:), @NetflixCrypto writes about Helium mining

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What You Need to Care About

Helium is a hugely ambitious project that has grown since its conception. Raising $200 million from the likes of Tiger Global and Andreessen Horowitz to build the decentralized wireless future speaks volumes of Helium’s potential to make future progress.

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