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Scott Melker, who defies all odds to trade crypto-currency

Scott Melker (also known as The Wolf Of All Streets) is a trader, crypto advocate, and much more approachable than what his online profile might show. Melker, a former DJ, runs a crypto advocacy business that includes YouTube videos and podcasts as well as a newsletter.

Scott Melker was open to sharing his original intentions for the cryptocurrency industry. He says he came into the crypto industry to make some money and trade. His friends told him about the golden streets that the blockchain world offered, where they could earn 100x per week. Melker, who has been familiar with conservative stock markets movements since childhood was able to trade properly before joining the unregulated cryptocurrency casino.

Melker is a long-standing favorite commentator at Cointelegraph.


Melker, a DJ since 1998.

Failure is learning

Melker has been featured in highly popular, prophetic magazines How to get ready for the ending of the bull raceseries.

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