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Stablecoins are paving the way for mass adoption of crypto, June 2–8 -Breaking


Crypto Biz: Stablecoins are paving the way for mass adoption of crypto, June 2–8

Stablecoins remain a contentious topic in crypto. The validity of stablecoins is being questioned Legitimacy and support (USDTMany who are entering the crypto market first time have the right to use ). There was no doubt about the demise of the (LUNC or the old LUNA crypto market. algorithmic stablecoins don’t have a future beyond Do Kwon’s fantasies. These pesky regulators can be found all over the place. Prodding and pokingAt dollar-pegged assets, to establish firmer rules regarding their use.

But, if you look beyond all the fear, uncertainty and doubt, stablecoins are providing liquidity to millions of people who don’t have access to dollars because of capital controls or sanctions, or because hyperinflation is destroying their local currency. This week’s Crypto Biz newsletter looks at the role of stablecoins in fueling e-commerce. Also, we do our own research to determine if major payment platforms are preparing their own stable assets.

Checkout​.com launches 24/7 stablecoin settlement in partnership with Fireblocks’s Cronos launches $100M accelerator for DeFi and Web3

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