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Two killed as Muslims and Hindus clash in India -Breaking


© Reuters. Protesters clash with police in protest against the arrest of Nupur Sharma, Bharatiya Janata Party member (BJP), for comments she made about Prophet Mohammed. This was held in Prayagraj India on June 10, 2022. REUTERS/Ritesh Shkla


Saurabh Sharma and Jatindra

LUCKNOW, India (Reuters] – On Friday, two teenage boys were murdered in clashes between Hindus & Muslims in Eastern India. These occurred following derogatory remarks made about Prophet Mohammad in the hands of two top officials from one ruling party, according to police.

Although police opened fire on the scene to quell violence at Ranchi in Jharkhand, it is not known if they were killed by rioters or the police.

Surendra Kumar Jha, a senior police officer said that at most 14 officers were hurt in Ranchi’s incident. Internet service was suspended and a curfew was enforced to prevent unrest from increasing.

According to the Uttar Pradesh police, 230 people were arrested by them for rioting in northern Uttar Pradesh after violence broke out after Friday prayers.

Muslims protested against comments that were made by officials of Prime Minister NarendraModi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, (BJP), about Prophet Muhammad’s private life. These demonstrations can often turn into violence between Hindus or Muslims.

Nupur Sharma, the BJP’s spokeswoman, was suspended and Naveen Jindal, another leader, was expelled for anti-Islamic comments. These remarks infuriated Indian Muslims, as well as causing diplomatic problems with several Muslim countries.

The BJP, a Hindu nationalist political party, claimed that offensive remarks made during the election did not reflect the position of the government and were made “by fringe elements”.

Officials have been instructed by party leaders to avoid discussing religion in public places. New Delhi Police said Thursday that it had brought a case against Sharma and others on the grounds of “inciting people to divisive views” through social media.

This is however seen by some Muslims in minority as the latest example of humiliation and pressure under BJP rule. The issues covered range from freedom to worship to wearing hijab head scarfs.