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Ukraine hopes to save foreign soldiers sentenced to death, says lawmaker -Breaking


© Reuters. Still image taken from the Supreme Court of Donetsk People’s Republic shows Britons Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner captured in courtroom by Russian forces in the midst of a conflict in Ukraine.

KYIV (Reuters – Ukraine has done everything to rescue three foreign nationals sentenced by Donbas proxy authorities for supporting Ukraine.

Two Britons and one Moroccan, who were captured by Russian agents, were found guilty of “mercenary actions” by a Donetsk People’s Republic court on Thursday. The DPR’s separatist leaders have been backed by Moscow.

Fedir Venislavskyi, lawmaker, stated that both the Main Directorate of Intelligence and Defence Ministry, which deal with prisoner exchange, were taking every necessary step to save these foreign citizens.

He didn’t give any further information.

Iryna, the Deputy Prime Minster, said that she was confident the separatist authorities would eventually behave rationally. “For they are well conscious of the irreparable consequences for them as for the Russians should they make any wrong moves against these three of my soldiers.”

She stated in an internet post that “something tells me that eventually, one way of another, sooner than later, these servicemen will exchanged (or get home otherwise),”

Britain condemns the sentencing the fighters of terrorists. This is a “egregious violation” of Geneva Convention. Under this Convention prisoners of war can enjoy combatant immunity. They should also not be tried for their participation in hostilities.

Ukraine claims the Donetsk court’s verdict is without authority. It says that fighters signed contracts to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

They are therefore considered to be prisoners of war in international law. Venislavskyi, a lawmaker, stated that we will do everything to rescue them.