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an Unexpected Evolution of Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn -Breaking


A surprising evolution of the Play-toEarn economy and move-to–earn economics is Sex-to–Earn Economy

Blockchain is the most un-sexy chain that you’ll find hidden behind your bedroom doors. Blockchain and crypto are steadily making their way towards mainstream adoption. But could it also be a part of intimate life?

Sex-to-Earn economy?

One of the ways blockchain could alter some people’s intimate lives is through the monetization of sexual activities. It is as bad as it sounds. However, technology can help. Decentralized ecosystems encourage specific behavior through economic incentives. That is called x-to-earn, where x represents the users’ input in the digital community.

Play-to-Earn economies empowered by blockchain captured the gaming industry’s attention, and this crypto-economic system is now being applied in broader contexts like earning crypto to move, drive, learn, or write. If you can earn crypto for your steps, maybe it’s time for sex-to-earn mechanics?

The SEXN creators think so. Social media users are hyping the project by claiming they can get crypto via sex and masturbation. Through “Four modes” of sexual activities, users can earn $SOT (Sex Orgasm Token) and $SST (Sexual Stamina Token) at different rates. Combining different NFTs opens up more opportunities to make crypto.

The project documentation states that SEXN will use measurements from wearable watches and mobile phones to determine if a user has sex. The app can evaluate bodily movements and responses to reward sex, and it will also prevent people from pretending to be having sex by engaging in sports and other activities.

Although the slogans are catchy, the overall economic model for SEXN has not been discussed and the roadmap provided is unclear. The team that will deliver the results is still unknown.

SEXN has not been the only company to use blockchain for private transactions in the crypto world. Datingverse allows users to earn cryptocurrency by meeting new people.

Datingverse’s whitepaper describes the goal to combine a variety of 3D/VR technology device devices that provide sexual pleasure. It should offer users an experience like no other. Project team will develop new technology such as haptic and scented devices to provide immersive experiences.

Blockchain to Facilitate Sexual Consent

The potential for the monetization and exploitation of sexual lives is one reason blockchain may be used. However, it could also serve as a way to obtain consent. Dutch developers created the LegalFling App in 2018 with this idea. This app uses blockchain to validate explicit consent for sex. It was inspired by the #metoo movement.

LegalFling users can express their sexual preference, such as whether they prefer to use photography or condoms. The company states that the choices can be made “with the swipe of a finger.” Filled preferences are sent as a Fling request to their sexual partners via a messaging app. In theory, accepting such a request means that you agree to their preferences. The contract becomes timestamped and anchored upon acceptance. It is also logged on the blockchain.

However, the app created controversy, as some criticized LegalFling for downgrading sexual consent to a one-time checklist without leaving space to change one’s mind. Criticians say consent should be a constant part of sex encounters.

LegalFling’s website states that it is possible to change your mind and with just one click withdraw your consent. In the press release, LegalFling compares its sexual consent contract to “sending a WhatsApp message that indicates privileges.”

Some women criticized the notion that consent applications are more concerned with protecting men from rape accusations than they are about protecting women from actual rape. Women criticized the notion that consent apps were more focused on protecting men against rape allegations than women. As of this writing, the app was not available in app stores.

Are You Ready to Help?

Although it sounds great in theory, how would this work when applied to actual-life situations. To earn tokens, it is difficult to believe that so many people would love to have their pulse and movement measured during sex.

Pausing a sexual activity to open up a sexual consent app and adjust the settings sounds crazy, as it is easier simply communicating one’s needs to a partner. Is it possible to make a smart contract without having sex if people, often, are still timid about talking about sexual activity?

Blockchain solutions to intimate life that I have mentioned are merely experiments. They will be tested over time to see if they are accepted into the human mind.

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