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Gunmen free 11 passengers from Nigerian train attack -Breaking


KADUNA (Nigeria) – 11 people were taken by gunmen during a train attack that occurred in Northern Nigeria in March. A government minister confirmed the release of these passengers, but a number of other captives are believed to still be in captivity.

Gbemisola, minister of transportation, stated late Saturday in a statement that all kidnapped passengers would be released by the government.

All the passengers who were freed from their flight were transferred to Abuja’s hospital. Saraki was unable to say how or where the passengers were allowed to leave, and if ransom money was received.

Locally known as Bandits, eight men were killed when armed gangs opened fire on the Abuja Kaduna night train.

Nigeria’s government railway company said at the beginning that it was unable to account for 168 persons who had, according to a passenger log, booked to travel on the train. The majority were eventually traced back to their families, while 65 people were found missing.

Since then, video released by suspected bandits shows a variety of prisoners who identify themselves as train passengers.

Saraki expressed gratitude for “this positive development”, but also noted that the family of all victims, and those who were (are) still suffering from unimaginable trauma, was equally concerned.

In northern Nigeria, bandits took hundreds of victims and ransomed them for ransom. This has left citizens fearful.

On Sunday, President Muhammadu Buhari declared that Nigerians are worried about rising insecurity. However, he promised that his government would work to control the situation and provide a secure and free general election for early 2023.

Buhari stated in a television speech, “I live daily with the grief of all those victims and prisoner terrorist and kidnapping”,