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Indian police step up arrests to stop religious unrest over anti-Islam remarks -Breaking


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SRINAGAR (India) – A youth was arrested by Indian police in Kashmir for posting a threat to kill a spokesperson of India’s ruling party. The video contained derogatory comments about Prophet Mohammad and Islam, officials stated on Sunday.

Authorities have withdrawn the video that was circulated via YouTube as part of an overall effort to stop religious unrest spreading across the country.

Muslims took to the streets in protest of anti-Islamic statements made last week by two members from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationist Bharatiya Janata Party BJP (BJP).

The BJP fired Naveen Jindal Jindal and Nupur Sharma was suspended as its spokesperson earlier in the month. Their controversial comments regarding the Prophet’s private lives also upset several Muslim countries. It created a major diplomatic obstacle for Modi.

Two former BJP officials have been charged with criminal offences.

India is a key trading partner of countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Oman and Oman. India lodged complaints through diplomatic channels. The protestors also used social media to request an apology.

India’s Foreign Ministry stated last week that the comments and tweets did not represent the government’s views.

The remarks sparked a host of disputes across India. Many in the Muslim minority see them as an example of the pressure and humiliation that BJP rules on matters ranging from freedom to worship to hijab-head scarves.

Last week, two teenagers were murdered when protestors clashed against police officers in Ranchi.

Police were forced to make arrests of more than 300 persons in the wake of riots that broke out in Uttar Pradesh’s northern state.

The authorities in West Bengal issued an emergency order prohibiting the holding of public events within Howrah’s industrial district from June 16th. At least 70 individuals were charged with rioting or disturbing the public order. Internet service was suspended for more than 48 hours following this latest incident of communal violence.

Several senior BJP leaders issued directives to their members, urging them to exercise extreme caution when discussing religion on public platforms. The government is also tightening its security.