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LimeWire to release original NFT collection By BTC Peers


LimeWire releases original NFT collection

LimeWire, a popular peer-to–peer music sharing site, announced in March that it would relaunch its NFT marketplace. The company announced new NFT collections in preparation for its NFT marketplace. These will provide holders with real-life utility services.

Dubbed LimeWire Originals, the collection features 10,000 unique avatar collectibles that will grant holders access to perks like “invite-only LimeWire events, LMWR token rewards, and early access to NFT drops.”

A press release stated that the brand new collection would be available on blockchain.

“Together with the LMWR token, the LimeWire Originals collection will form the backbone of our ecosystem and is designed to massively reward holders,” said Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, the co-CEOs of LimeWire.

An Original is not just a piece of original digital art. These NFTs are a membership to an exclusive, close-knit community of collectors who make up the heart of LimeWire.

Speaking of rewards, Original holders will be eligible for an exclusive drop of LimeWire’s LMWR ERC-20 token that is set to launch later this year. These utility tokens are distributed equally among the original 10,000 NFTs. Holders will receive free tickets for every company event, and each NFT will be distributed equally.

LimeWire is giving early supporters the first chance to purchase the NFT drops. Although there will be phases to purchasing the NFT drops, LimeWire decided to offer the best possible options. The sale is currently limited to a handful of persons on the company’s Discord channel via a dedicated purchasing platform.

LimeWire Originals are available for purchase at $750 per piece during the first launch and community sale.

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