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Seth Green spends around $300k to recover his stolen Bored Ape By BTC Peers


© Reuters. Seth Green invests $300k in recovering his Bored Ape stolen by him

How far would you go to buy a Bored Ape? Or to recover one that was stolen? Family Guy actor Seth Green has reported that he paid an enormous amount to reunite his Bored Ape.

BTC PEERS reports that comedian and actor Michael Green was the victim in a phishing scam last month. The hacker made away with four of Green’s NFTs worth more than $300,000 at that time, including Bored Ape #8398.

Green stated that the Bored Ape sold quickly for $200,000 and claimed that he tracked down the buyer through Twitter (NYSE.), which he claims was a street photographer. Actor Green has apparently finally managed to get hold of the buyer. He paid 165ETH for the NFT (approximately $300,000.00).

Green could have gone an extra mile in obtaining the Bored Ape to make it the star of his new TV series “White Horse Tavern.”

During an appearance on Twitter Spaces on Thursday, Green confirmed that the Bored Ape “is home.”

The blockchain transaction details show that the funds were transferred from a wallet owned by Green to an NFT collector called “DarkWing84” through NFT Trader. Recall that NFT marketplace OpenSea had flagged Bored Ape #8398 for “suspicious activity,” which may have prompted Green to turn to NFT Trader.

Seth will continue working on the Bored Ape TV series with his Ape home.

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