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Spain swelters in hottest pre-summer heatwave for 20 years -Breaking


© Reuters. In Madrid, Spain on June 10, 2022, a woman wraps her head in a bag to protect herself from the heat. REUTERS/Susana Vera


Mariano Valladolid, Marcelo del Pozo

SEVILLE (Spain) – Fansellers made a lot of money in Seville, Spain on Saturday while Spain was experiencing the hottest heatwave in at least twenty years.

The carriage drivers dragged tourists to historic places in Seville, like Plaza de Espana or the Real Alcazar Palace.

The Guadalquivir valley, Seville, and nearby Cordoba reached temperatures of 40 C (104 Fahrenheit), according to the national metereological organization AEMET.

According to forecasters, temperatures may rise up to 42 C (108 Fahrenheit), Saturday in Guadiana in Extremadura.

This heatwave is likely to intensify in the south as it could hit 43 C (110 Fahrenheit), with temperatures reaching up to 33 degrees Celsius.

A hot cloud of air from North Africa is sending temperatures soaring. AEMET forecasters stated that the suffocating heatwave in Spain could last until June 15, six days before officially starting summer.

Forecasters foresaw storms and high winds in parts of Spain.