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Russia tells Ukraine to lay down arms in Sievierodonetsk battle -Breaking


© Reuters. During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers ride the BMP-1, an infantry fighting vehicle. This was in Donetsk, Ukraine. June 14, 2022. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich


Natalia Zinets

KYIV, Reuters – Russia instructed Ukrainian forces huddled in a chemical factory in Sievierodonetsk early Wednesday to give up their weapons. Russia is pushing its advantages in the fight for control over eastern Ukraine.

After Russia’s large-scale firepower transfer to eastern Donbass, Ukraine has called for an increase of Western heavy weapons. This topic is expected to be a major focus at Wednesday’s meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels.

Ukraine claims that more than 500 civilians and soldiers are held hostage in Azot, a chemical factory. Its forces have withstood weeks of Russian bombardment.

Fighters should “stop their senseless resistance and lay down arms” from 8 a.m. Moscow time (0500 GMT),” ​Mikhail Mizintsev, head of Russia’s National Defence Management Centre told the Interfax news agency.

Mizintsev indicated that civilians will be released through a humanitarian corridor.

This bombardment of Azot echoes an earlier attack on the Azovstal steelworks, which was located in Mariupol’s southern port. There hundreds of civilians and fighters sought refuge from Russian bombing. The Russians took custody of those inside the Azot bombardment and surrendered them in May.

Azot shelling was so intense that the “people cannot longer stand it inside shelters. Their psychological state is on edge,” Serhiy Gidai, a regional governor from Luhansk said. This province, which Moscow claims for its separatist proxy, is one of two in eastern Russia.

Luhansk’s Sievierodonetsk is now the center of what’s been called the Battle of the Donbass. This city was home to just over 100,000 before World War II.

According to Kyiv, 100-200 soldiers were killed every day and hundreds are wounded.

Ukraine continues to attempt to evacuate civilians from Sievierodonetsk following the destruction of the last bridge over a river that connects to Lysychansk (the Ukrainian-held twin town) by Russian forces.

Russian forces attacked Lysychansk on the west bank of Siverskyi Donets. Lysychansk is on higher ground.

The ground has seen several changes of hands over the weeks and officials from Ukraine have not given any indication that they are going to stop.

With all bridges to Sievierodonetsk destroyed, Ukrainian forces are at high risk of being trapped.

We must be strong. Zelenskiy stated that the enemy will suffer more defeats if it continues to wage its aggressive campaign.

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Russia does not provide regular numbers of its losses, but Western countries claim they are substantial as President Vladimir Putin attempts to make Kyiv give up full control over two provinces, Luhansk (collectively known as Donbas), and Donetsk (together called Donetsk).

The momentum in Sievierodonetsk changed several times in the last few weeks. Russia concentrated its massive artillery firepower in urban areas to eliminate resistance and then sent in ground troops that are vulnerable to counter-attacks.

Ukraine has claimed that Russia intends to strike Sloviansk, a Donbas region city, from the north. It also plans to take part in a Front near Bakhmut (to the south).

Stephane Dujarric, a spokesperson for the United Nations, stated that critical infrastructure in Donetsk, including schools and hospitals, has been under attack over the last week.

Dujarric explained that this has made it nearly impossible for many people to live.

The south-facing military of Ukraine claimed it carried out three airstrikes against troops concentrations, fuel depots, and military equipment within the Kherson region.


Ukrainian officials renewed their appeals to the United States and allies for more artillery and tanks as well as drones, tanks, and other heavy weapons.

NATO-standard weapons are promised to Western nations. This includes advanced U.S. missiles. They will be deployed slowly and Ukraine needs constant Western support for its transition to new supplies, weapons, and systems.

U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin will lead Wednesday’s meeting, which took place in the context of NATO’s defence ministerial. The meeting is being held for the third consecutive time by nearly 50 nations to discuss and coordinate aid to Ukraine.

Since Russia invaded the United States on February 24, 2017, Washington has provided security assistance worth $4.6 billion, which includes drones, longer-range rocket systems and advanced artillery.

Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine doesn’t have sufficient anti-missile defense systems to defend its cities and added that there is no reason for delays in providing them.

Although Russia has been hard hit by Western sanctions, the resulting shortages of grain and oil have caused global energy prices to soar. The International Economic Forum in St Petersburg will also be watching closely the speech Putin delivers on Friday.