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Hodler’s Digest, June 12-18 -Breaking


Crypto prices continue to tank, lawsuit takes aim at Binance.US, and Celsius moves $320M worth of digital assets: Hodler’s Digest, June 12-18

Binance ceases support anonymous transactions

Binance will ban Litecoin from its website (LTC) transactions sent through the most recent MimbleWimble (MWEB) upgrade from its exchange, noting that such transactions would now result in the loss of the related LTC. Binance will not delist LTC completely, as opposed to other exchanges who have made the decision to do so. Among other changes made, the most recent Litecoin MWEB Update introduced privacy features. Binance’s decision to end support for these transactions comes as global crypto regulation remains an ever-present focal point in the industry.

Network adoption is growing despite the delay of difficulty bomb

A key part of Ethereum’s plan to move towards proof-of-stake (PoS) has been delayed by the difficulty bomb. Simply put, the difficulty bomb renders mining on Ethereum’s proof-of work (PoW), chain unreachable to make it possible to move everyone to the PoS network. The Merge of Ethereum is anticipated to happen in August. A successful testnet merger was conducted by Ethereum developers to simulate the actual Ethereum PoS chain.

72 out of 100 top coins fell 90% or more. Here’s a list.

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Celsius exodus. $320M worth of crypto sent by FTX to FTX. Users withdraw pause

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Binance.US is facing a class action lawsuit for LUNA/UST sales

BlockFi fined $943K by an Iowa regulator for an unregistered securities offer

Elon Musk gets hit with ‘ridiculous’ $258B lawsuit

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