How To Find A Survey Of My Property Online

You’ll have to put in some effort after your offer is accepted before you can actually move into your new house when you buy one. For instance, a property survey may be required by homebuyers before they can close on their new residence.

When determining or verifying land boundaries, such as the plot of land a house sits on, and any sub-surface features, like septic tanks or wellheads, property surveys are used. The legal description of a property’s constraints and conditions are further defined by the inclusion of terms like “easement” or “encroachment” in the description.

A property survey is likely to be required whether you’re purchasing a new home or adding on to one you already own. A closer look at what it is and how to get one will be provided in the following sections.

What is the purpose of a real estate survey, and how is it done?

The goal of a property survey is to establish what exactly belongs to you and what doesn’t. Curtis Sumner, executive director emeritus of the National Society of Professional Surveyors, argues that “property surveys are undertaken for a variety of purposes” (NSPS). In the majority of cases, he explains, they are used to set boundaries for newly created areas.

Surveys can also be used to confirm the boundaries of land that has previously been defined. Knowing exactly where your property stops and where your neighbor’s begins is critical for any type of construction project, including a fence. A property survey can assist you in figuring this out.

Purchasing a home may include having a survey completed, depending on where you live. Surveys are required by many lenders and title agencies, but they are not required everywhere. If the existing survey isn’t obviously out-of-date, you might be able to use it instead of getting a new one.

What’s the big deal about them?

The legal definition of your property can be found in a survey. It is unnecessary to make educated guesses about the boundaries of your property now that you have a written record to refer to.

Surveys of real estate properties are necessary for other purposes as well. They’re essential for lender title insurance coverage, according to Emory Wooll, president of Elite Choice Title and Escrow Corp. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Wooll explains, “We need to know if there are any encroachments on the property prior to closing” in order to offer a title insurance coverage. In most cases, they’re done prior to a home purchase or in the case of a pool or fence being installed.

Major renovations like expansions will necessitate a study of the property by either the municipality or the contractor, says Wooll. Even if you have an earlier survey on hand, it’s not always a safe bet, so you may want to commission a new one based on where you reside and the extent of your project.

The location of my property’s survey can be found here.

A property survey may be available from the seller’s lender or title company, so be sure to ask if one is on file. One might be found at the local tax assessor’s office as well.

As a homeowner, you may be able to obtain a survey from your local property records or engineering department if one wasn’t provided to you. It’s possible that even if they do, it may be out of date. If you live on a previous country parcel that has been transformed for suburban development, a dated survey may not be correct. It’s also a good idea to ask your neighbours where they purchased theirs.

The cost of a property inspection is determined by several factors.

The cost of a survey varies on the type of survey you need, the size, location, and history of the property you are interested in. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a mortgage survey is $500, while a simple property boundary study might range from $100 to $600. You’ll likely spend extra for a surveyor’s time if the property features and records history are more complicated.

Purchasing a home may need paying for a survey in order to ascertain whether or not the property is located in a floodplain or to prove the property’s boundaries to your lender.

A property surveyor can be hired through what method?

One of the greatest ways to find property surveyors in your region is to conduct an internet search. Each state’s surveying society belongs to the National Surveyors and Planners Society (NSPS), according to Sumner. There is a ‘Find a Surveyor’ option on each of the organisations’ websites.”

Working with the prior surveyor on the property, if at all possible, can save money due to the surveyor already having maps and documents on hand. Surveyors who surveyed houses next door may be able to help you locate the previous surveyor. Make sure to ask your title firm or lender for referrals, too.

You should also ask a lot of questions to your prospective surveyor. To ensure that they can meet your needs, discuss them with them ahead of time.

Do you know how long it will take?

Many factors must be taken into account when doing a property survey, including the quality and availability of property records like deeds, according to Sumner.

Wooll believes they can usually be completed within a week. If the company has a large backlog, it may take three or more months. Waiting times may be longer than they were before the pandemic, as is the case with many other professions.

Last Words

Property surveys aren’t always necessary when buying a house. However, in some circumstances, your lender or title firm may require one, so be prepared. It can save you time and money in the long run if you know exactly where your property’s boundary lines are before you buy a house or build a large extension.