A Look at Why a Prepaid Phone is Essential for Traveling Abroad

The world is a big, scary place. So why not take the fear out of it by ensuring you’re always connected to your friends and family at the click of a button? A prepaid phone is an easy and affordable way to stay connected. Not only is a prepaid phone cheaper than a contract or monthly plan, but it’s also equipped with GPS, so you know exactly where you are at all times.

Here are seven reasons why a prepaid phone is essential for traveling abroad.

No Hidden Fees

The other great perk to buying a prepaid phone is that it doesn’t come with hidden fees, such as overage charges or customer service fees. With a regular, postpaid phone plan, you may be charged extra if you use certain features like data packages or minutes. A prepaid phone eliminates the chance of having these fees since there are no contracts and no prepaid accounts involved.

No Credit Checks

Another way that prepaid phones are better than postpaid plans is that you don’t have to be approved for a credit check before you can buy the phone. It’s also much easier to get approved for a prepaid phone plan since it doesn’t require lengthy procedures or a lot of documentation. A single application takes less than an hour, and getting approved for a plan is easier than many other services.

No Long-Term Contracts

One of the best parts about a prepaid phone is that you aren’t locked into any contract. The average length of a postpaid cell phone contract is about two years, whereas prepaid plans have no contracts at all! It’s easy to cancel your service entirely if you choose, and there are no other contractual obligations regarding your prepaid plan.

You Can Switch to Another Provider at Any Time

A prepaid phone allows you to switch to another provider at any time easily. The main reason is that there’s no contract and no long-term commitment. You’re always free to change providers or cancel your service, so you can stay as long as you’d like before choosing a new plan.

You Can Get Free Service

With a prepaid phone, you can sometimes get free service for choosing to use specific activities as your plans, such as downloading music and playing games. A prepaid phone allows you to choose essential services for free minutes or text messages on your account!

You Can Purchase Additional Minutes, Texts, and Data Packages

If the amount of time or text messages with your plan isn’t enough, you can purchase additional minutes or data packages through prepaid phone plans in smaller increments than monthly postpaid plans offer. You can buy unlimited minutes and text messages or purchase specific amounts and pay for only what you use.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Confirmation That a Plan is Available

There’s no waiting period with a prepaid phone, so you don’t have to wait for approval or approval numbers before you can start using your phone. You can head to your nearest retailer and use your cell phone immediately.

If you want to save money, avoid contracts and choose a prepaid phone with the lowest cost and best value in mind, then a prepaid cell phone plan is truly the way to go.