How Businesses Are Thriving With Enhanced Labor Solutions

Recent world events have pushed the envelope for employees. You can hire employees from all over the world to help your business, both temporary and permanent. The right staffing agency can be a huge boon to anyone who needs to beef up their labor force.

Get Help When Workload Increases

We’re all looking to increase our business, but it can be very hard to increase workload incrementally. If your team is already working hard and you’re seeing a big order down the road, it’s time to bring on extra help so you have time to train them effectively.

Quality training takes time and focus. Over-stressed workers may struggle to train your new hires or temporary folks thoroughly; mistakes made by poorly trained temporary workers can come back and bite you when you think the rush has been completed. Allow the time to train fully and keep an eye out for employees that are effective teachers in their area.

Hire Skilled People For Projects Outside Your Sphere

Expanding your business often means expanding your offerings. If you own a design agency and get an order that includes a technical feature that isn’t in your wheelhouse, a skilled temporary worker from agencies such as ICS in New York can help you fulfill the order and even train existing employees while you look for a new employee.

Of course, if you find someone who works especially well with your current team, it may be time to hire that temporary worker. If that won’t work, consider using the completed project as a template that you can use to test out the skills of freelancing professionals and contract workers. Once you have a regular need for a freelancer, having a go-to professional who knows your needs can be a tremendous boon to your output. Do your best to make it worth their while; freelancers are always looking for steady work and you want to stay at the top of their list.

Protect Your Top Performers

Bring on skilled temporary workers before your top performers are completely frazzled. There are many people with a strong personal locus of control; they work hard because it’s who they are. However, overload and poor communication can send even these folks looking for something better.

Do connect with your top performers before assigning them someone to train. Your best producer may not be the best step-by-step teacher for your temp workers. Generally, top performers know what is needed and work flexibly to reach the goal. They may know the official steps but not follow them.

Reduce Burnout Risk

Pushing your current workforce to the point of burnout can put your reputation at risk. Once you get a reputation as an employer that abuses workers, you will not only be at risk of folks walking out the door, but the top talent will not apply to work for you.

All employees need to know that they can

  • take a vacation
  • go on family leave
  • be sick and not be buried when they return to work

If you notice that employees are hyper-connected or struggling to get their work done in their scheduled work times, you will need to act before they lose hope and focus. You may notice that attitudes are darkening, tempers are shorter, and work quality is failing. While anyone can make a mistake, regular errors are an indicator that someone is losing focus and struggling to produce quality work.

Find Your Next Quality Hire

Using a staffing service means you can also test drive a potential new hire to make sure they bring the right attitude and skills to the workplace. While there is generally a fee when you hire a temporary employee as a full-time team player, it’s often cheaper than hiring and training someone who doesn’t stay. It’s definitely a better investment than hiring the wrong person who does stay until you have to act.

Enhancing your labor force with highly skilled professionals will not be cheap. However, you will get better results and higher skill sets with the right staffing service. If you need people who can quickly ramp up their skills, build a relationship with a high-quality service that offers the best workers.