6 Creative Ways to Celebrate a Colleague Getting Married

Weddings are a time of celebration, a chance to get dressed up and have a grand time. If you’re attending the wedding of one of your colleagues, it’s crucial to ensure that they have as much fun on their day as possible. Because weddings can be pricey, you help them financially by contributing some funds to the wedding preparation.

1. Host a Wedding Shower

Hosting a reception for the bride and groom is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for them. If you want to make it extra special, invite friends and colleagues who are close friends or from different departments. It will be a special chance for them to get together and make new bonds.

You can also set up a photo booth at the party. The bride and groom can pose in their wedding attire, and you and your friends can take photos. You could also have a bride and groom game, where you take turns to be the bride or the groom. You can bridal dresses or suits for the participants.

2. Have a Special Lunch

Plan a special lunch with the bride, groom, and your colleagues. You could consult the bride and groom on a suitable date. To make it extra special, you could go to a driving range or a place where they like to go together and have lunch. Ensure that you pick places that are not too crowded, so they can talk freely and spend quality time together.

3. Offer to Help with the Wedding Expenses

If you want to make a special contribution, ask the bride and groom what they need help with, and contribute accordingly. Often, your assistance will be appreciated because it can be overwhelming to prepare for such a major event.

4. Host a Quiz Night

You could ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen to organize a trivia quiz to entertain the guests. You could also have fun by participating in the quiz. If your teammate has already organized a quiz night for his friends, you could also have a variation. However, be careful with questions that could be considered inappropriate or embarrassing by some.

5. Be Sure to Send a Wedding Gift

Ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to send them a gift after the wedding. It could be a set of wine glasses or another gift according to your budget. Just be sure that it is something that they can use after their wedding, as well as something that they will love and appreciate.

6. Organize a Team Building Event

If you have experience with organizing team-building activities, such as softball games, obstacle courses, and other fun outdoor activities, you could suggest this activity to the bride and groom. Have everyone dress in casual wear that they can wear while having their favorite dishes cooked. You could also ask some teammates to join in and help organize the event.

In conclusion, being a good sport and showing appreciation for your coworkers when they get married is crucial. By hosting events and contributing financially, you’ll make their day that much more special. After the big day, you could organize team-building activities or other events to keep everyone motivated and close to one another.