Current situation in the real estate market of Silverado Aubrey TX

Today, more and more people are considering moving to Silverado Aubrey TX. And that is unsurprising since this master-planned neighborhood located within 15 miles east of Denton and 20 miles north of Frisco is still far enough to be able to take in the fresh air of the surrounding open countryside.

So is it the right time to buy a house in this area? Let’s figure this out together!

Local market is in an uptrend

The Aubrey real estate market continues to grow. 2021 was a record year in terms of the number of sales – cash turnover compared to 2019 increased by more than 30%.

What is going on? Why, in the midst of a difficult socio-economic situation and a global crisis, are home prices and the number of people who want to buy real estate rising?

This is largely due to the instability of the economy and the lack of clear forecasts. People are afraid of the depreciation of cash, and high inflation and are looking for ways to invest in historically the most reliable assets. Many withdraw savings from securities and invest in the neighborhood of Silverado.

What is going on in Aubrey?

Against the backdrop of social and political unrest in other states, a wave of families has poured into Texas, moving in search of a more stable life. That is, there are no problems with buyers of houses in Texas. 

What happens to sellers?

On the one hand, against the background of rising unemployment and cuts in wages, an influx of real estate objects on the market is expected. Owners will be forced to cut their living and maintenance costs. But this process is not fast. So, the increase in supply in the market will appear later. Many investors are expecting a large number of properties for sale in 2023. Seasonal growth will continue in 2024.

What will happen to all these houses?

There is an assumption that the demand for rent will increase in the coming years. Since to buy a house on credit, you need to work in one place for a long time, many will be able to qualify for good conditions not earlier than a year after employment. 

Workers relocating to Silverado will also need time to prepare for the purchase of the real estate. That is why many investors hope to rent out purchased houses in the coming years.

Is it the right investment?

It is almost impossible to predict the further development of the situation in the real estate market of Aubrey, Texas. Much will depend on the results of the elections, as well as on the effectiveness of the fight against the consequences of the epidemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Yet the decision to invest in the neighborhood of Silverado (one of the quietest in Texas) is definitely well worth it.