Episode One: What’s Your Preferred Setup For Working

In this ongoing series, we’ll look at how people are working in 2023. What’s your preferred setup and what’s unique to your working style that helps you be as productive and effective as possible?

We’ll be chatting with a variety of business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals so we can compare notes and maybe even earn a little bit about how others are working!

In our first ‘episode’, we chat with David Craig and Donny Gamble, two experienced business professionals:

(1) David W. Craig, Managing and Founding Partner at Craig, Kelley & Faultless LLC.

“I prefer a mix of both remote work and working in an office, with a balance of 65% working onsite and 35% remote.

Working onsite has its obvious benefits and I think it’s more productive for a company to be together in an office, especially for the work we do as a law firm. It allows us to stay better organized, collaborate as needed, and in-person meetings seem to be more effective than virtual meetings.

The other 35% of my week where I work remotely is a great time for me to work on my own without interruption. I am most effective in crossing things off my to-do list while working remotely and it’s a nice refreshing change from working onsite once in a while.

If I had my choice each week, this is how I would set up my work. It works best for me and is a nice mix of both worlds.”

(2) Donny Gamble, Founder of Retirement Investments.

“I love working remotely and have embraced the chance to do it since first getting the opportunity in 2016. There are a ton of benefits I enjoy, and I find I am more productive and effective when left to work by myself, in my own setting, and without the regular distractions like you’d find in an office.

I actually believe working from home can save you money as well. One area in particular that I noticed where I can save was the money I spend on food.

When working from an office or on location, most of us will spend money on eating out at a local restaurant even if it’s once a week. When I worked in an office, I would often purchase a mid-morning snack or grab something at a local shop in the afternoon. Sometimes the temptation is just too much.

Now, I am strict about the money I spend on food and make myself as many meals as I can. By planning out my week and purchasing foods that I know will last me longer (and will help me stay motivated), I have saved myself a ton of money over the last number of years.

If more people are working from home and can efficiently plan out what they eat each week, then they will be able to save themselves a ton of money.”

Coming up next: We chat with two more professionals about how they choose to work each day and what unique aspect of their routine could help others!