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3 Tips For Selling A Home In An Area With Extreme Weather

If you have a home that you’re ready to sell but that home is in an area that gets extreme weather, be it the aftermath of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and the like, you’ll want to be a little careful and strategic about how you go about selling this property. Working with a real estate agent and a large loss attorney can be helpful, but there are things that you should know about this process and what will attract buyers as well.

To help you with this process, here are three tips for selling a home in an area with extreme weather.

Know What You’re Required To Disclose

When selling a home and property, there are certain things that you’ll need to legally disclose so that every potential buyer comes into the deal knowing everything they should know about the home and property. This includes information about the natural hazards for the area and how likely the property is to be affected by them.

Depending on the type of extreme weather that you see in the area where your home and property is located, you may need to disclose things like your designated flood zone, close fault lines, and information about the insurance that the home should have. While this information is illegal not to disclose in some states, it’s best to be transparent whenever doing a big sale like this.

Know That You May Need To Price Lower

Because there are a lot of financial risks that homeowners take on when living in an area that’s prone to being affected by natural disasters, this can cause your property prices to be lower than they otherwise could be.

Knowing this, you may need to lower the asking price on your property as compared to similar homes in your area that might not be as close to things like waterways. By working with a real estate agent, you’ll be able to price your home correctly so that you can get a lot of interest while still making a profit.

Highlight The Home’s Safety Features

If you’ve taken steps to make this home safer while you were living in it, it’s wise to highlight these features when you’re going to sell the property. Things like storm windows, a backup generator, and basements can all be beneficial for certain types of extreme weather. And for people who are wanting to protect themselves and their families at all costs, they’ll often be willing to pay more for these kinds of home upgrades.

If you have a home in an area that can get extreme weather, consider using the tips mentioned above as you seek to successfully sell this property for a fair price and in good conscience.