The Ampleforth Protocol: How It Works and What You Need To Know

With its unit of account system, DAO governance mechanism, and forthcoming inflation-proof store of value protocol, Ampleforth is a decentralized financial infrastructure that fosters monetary innovation.

The Ethereum blockchain’s Ampleforth protocol is a collection of instructions that results in AMPL, a decentralized unit of account. The Ampleforth Elastic Finance Ecosystem’s key component is the AMPL token. It is used as collateral for a decentralized stablecoin, for lending and borrowing, and for the development of derivatives.

what are Ampleforth(AMPL) automatic supply changes called?

The Ampleforth Protocol adjusts the US dollar for CPI in 2019 and automatically increases or decreases the number of tokens in user wallets in accordance with price. Imagine AMPL as being comparable to Bitcoin, with the exception that as demand increases, the number of AMPL tokens in your wallet decreases.

When market demand signals too much or too little supply, holders of AMPL tokens suffer supply changes, while long-term contracts priced in AMPL maintain their stability.

AMPL Live Price

The current circulating supply of Ampleforth is 46 million. At the time of writing, AMPL market cap is 51,882,706. The current AMPL price is $1.039502 per coin. The 24-hour trading volume for the coin is $283,093.

What is Ampleforth(AMPL)’s all-time high?

Ampleforth’s all-time high price is $4.07,  Ampleforth has never been purchased for a price higher than this.

Who is the founder of AmpleforthAMPL)?

Evan Kuo, a seasoned product manager and successful entrepreneur with a bachelor of science (BS) in mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering from UC Berkeley, founded Ampleforth.

Kuo  was formerly the CEO of Pythagoras Pizza. but now holds the role of CEO at the Ampleforth Foundation.

What two Tokens Give Ampleforth?

The protocol consists of two primary tokens, AMPL and FORTH.

  • AMPL-The ERC-20 token’s unit of measure. However, the quantity of AMPL tokens in user wallets automatically rises or decreases dependent on demand. AMPL’s price targets the CPI adjusted 2019 USD.
  • FORTH-The control token for the Ampleforth ecosystem. An ERC-20 token called FORTH is used to control protocol parameter adjustments, control liquidity mining emissions, and control how DAO treasury assets are used to promote innovations in the elastic finance and broader DeFi sector.

What Makes Ampleforth Unique?

The goal of Ampleforth is to create a fully non-correlated asset that may be used to diversify cryptocurrency portfolios, as a reserve collateral for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, and ultimately as a shock-resistant alternative to central bank money.

The Ampleforth supply is in a unique position as an asset that may preserve its purchasing power versus other assets since it is unaffected by inflation or any other dilutive effects. Due to the widespread devaluation of fiat currencies, it is advantageous as a hedge and as an alternative.

Decentralized Lending

Decentralized debt denomination is the most straightforward application for AMPL. Usually, when someone borrows money, they expect to use it right away before paying it back with interest.

Unfortunately, the majority of borrowing activity on decentralized lending platforms is denominated with centralized stablecoins since loans in price-volatile currencies are so dangerous. AMPL ends this need and makes it possible for lending and borrowing on decentralized lending systems to be sustainable.


Ampleforth is a cryptocurrency that has the potential to revolutionize decentralized finance because to its distinctive features. Because it is non-dilutive and supply-elastic, it results in a more equitable monetary system. However, will AMPL ever become legal tender? We’ll have to wait to find out.