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Crypto processing software via API

Crypto processing software via API, offered as a white-label on-premises solution by WhiteFlo, is specifically designed to meet the needs of neobanks, PSPs, and similar entities that are already operating in the fiat currency space and seeking to expand their business in the cryptocurrency field. This comprehensive software solution empowers seamless and efficient processes, including the ability to accept deposits in either cryptocurrency or fiat, and execute exchanges within the platform. As a business operating within the fiat currency landscape, there is always an opportunity to develop and start offering cryptocurrency transactions to your customers, especially given the growing demand for digital currencies in the world. This can be accomplished through two different ways: developing a tailor-made software from scratch or leveraging the white-label and customizable WhiteFlo software solution. By integrating software into your existing infrastructure, you gain the advantage to enhance your user interface with crypto operations, thus reducing development terms.

Crypto operations functionality via API

WhiteFlo crypto processing software offers ready made white-label cryptocurrency processing software. It supports various cryptocurrencies, allowing businesses to expand their customer base and cater to a broader range of users. WhiteFlo platform accepts various cryptocurrencies for deposits, including BTC, ETH, USDC, and both Ethereum and Tron versions of USDT.

The WhiteFlo software provides an API that businesses can integrate into their existing interface. This will enable businesses working with fiat payment processing or services to get a ready-made technical solution to offer cryptocurrency payments for their customers in a matter of weeks, thus gaining a competitive advantage.

Users can deposit, exchange, store, and withdraw funds, whether in fiat or cryptocurrency. The platform enables seamless cryptocurrency exchange between different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, as well as withdraw funds. Users can request a withdrawal in cryptocurrency which can be automatically processed through the integrated exchange if the exchange’s API capabilities allow it. 


Integrate crypto processing software via API into your business today and unlock a world of possibilities. You can offer a seamless and secure payment experience for your clients by integrating WhiteFlo software. Additionally, integrating crypto processing software enables you to scale your operations. Revolutionize your business with crypto processing software via API.