Why Hiring A Family Law Attorney Could Be Catching

For some time now, sociologists have called divorce in the USA a “social contagion”.   In other words, it’s quickly spreading through information, attitudes and behaviors among friends, relatives and other social networks like a virus.

Sociologists believe if others around you are separating or divorcing, then you are statistically more likely to do so too.

In fact, in most US communities, the need for a family law attorney has never been more important. While the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a reduction of divorces over the past year, the “enormous strain” that sickness, lockdown and loss of income has placed on relationships has the Institute for Family Studies predicting a spike once people are able to move freely to file for divorce.

A global phenomenon

The US is not alone. The same urgency for specialist legal advice has moved across the western world, from the English family law solicitor in London, to the family lawyer Brisbane-based  in Australia, to a legal representative in Europe and further afield.

As people catch onto the contagion of divorce, their need for specialist legal support has also increased, with US family law attorneys reporting increased activity.

How the pandemic is affecting family law

While the  pandemic has had a surprising result on divorce rates in the US during 2020 and into 2021, the need for family law support has grown.

Long lockdowns and concern over health and safety issues have seen families needing legal support to renegotiate their child custodial arrangements or to seek greater financial support.

Documents that clearly clarified custodial visits are now put into question as movement across the US has slowed due to the pandemic.  People are needing clarification and they are also seeking new family law orders to help them cope with the unusual circumstances of navigating custody through a pandemic.

4 Reasons Why You Need Legal Support

The 4 main reasons why you need a trusted family legal support during unprecedented times are:

1. A rational approach

The stresses of family being separated, or pushed together in circumstances that would not usually occur has caused high tension within the community.

For people experiencing relationship issues in a situation where there is no end in sight can be exhausting and create irrational decision making. People under pressure may not think through the outcomes for the long term or the consequences for the family members involved.

Your family law attorney will provide an objective approach. He or she is also trained to provide you with empathy and understanding throughout your emotional turmoil.

2. Legal Guidance

No one should make life changing decisions before receiving the right advice – particularly when your loved ones are involved.

In the heat of emotion, it’s easy to get confused between a divorce case (separating property and assets) and a custody case (access to and care of the children), with both being separate issues. It takes clever legal guidance to navigate through both.

There are property distribution rights that you may not be aware of or your goals may not be reasonable without advice from an attorney who is looking to help you become financially stable.

The advice provided by an experienced attorney will factor in everything you need to do, as part of your strategy, from taxation issues to where to find the financial information to assist your case.

3. Legal Protection

The maze of paperwork and documents that require filing and signing for any form of family law case is overwhelming. It’s also extremely difficult during a pandemic.

For those who try to take on the task themselves, they will soon find themselves caught up in a stressful situation, without the knowledge or experience to know what to do next.

An expert family law attorney has the experience and legal knowledge to know how to protect you and your family’s rights, what to file, when to file it and how to close the loopholes that someone acting on their own may not see.

4. Quick resolutions

Divorce litigation and most family law issues can be lengthy and complicated.  Over time, it can also be costly on your health as well as your bank balance if you are going it alone.

Having a professional legal expert to work through the issues with you quickly and efficiently can save weeks of time and reduce the pressure on you during one of the most stressful periods of your life.