4 Tips for Nailing a Job Interview Every Time

Regardless of our experience or how confident we’re feeling about ourselves, there’s always something nerve-wracking and dreadful about the pressure of a job interview. It’s as if we’re being put under a microscope, and everything we do and say is being closely scrutinized, leaving us feeling nothing short of, well— under a microscope!

Everyone gets the interview jitters. Yet, the art of nailing an interview comes down to simple science. The trick is knowing how to master science, so you won’t just nail an interview, but you’ll get it right every single time. Here are some of the most useful tips for successfully nailing an interview every single time.

Dress to Impress

A lot of people believe that your job interview starts once the interviewer starts asking you questions. Don’t be fooled! Your interview starts the minute that you walk into the room. You must look your absolute best if you hope to make a great first impression.

That means making sure your suit has been dry cleaned and pressed, your shoes are shined, and you’re well groomed. Even if the company you’re interviewing at is considered informal, it’s always best to dress to impress.

Research the Company

Going into a job interview clueless about the company is not a good look. Research ahead of time so that you know who exactly you’re interviewing with.   Get to know their mission statement, their overall values as a company, and above all what it is that they do and what they’re selling.

How can you expect to convince someone that you’re the right person for the job if you don’t even know what the job is?  Researching the company ahead of time will help you prepare well-thought-out responses, and we’ll demonstrate you have a vested interest in who the company is and what they do.

Don’t Be Afraid to Highlight Your Strengths

A job interview is not the place to be meek and humble. That’s not to say you need to be blatantly full of yourself either, but, don’t be afraid to let your light shine! Let your interviewer know what your achievements and strengths are, and how these strengths could contribute to their company. The more specific you can be with your strengths, and particularly situations in which you put these strengths to use, the more this will help your interviewer understand whether you’re the right fit.

Practice Proper Interview Etiquette

A little bit of etiquette goes a long way in life, especially in an interview environment. Forget about arriving late, or forgetting your manners. Make eye contact and shake your interviewer’s hand. Be as professional as possible, and demonstrate you understand how to behave in a professional environment.

Perhaps most important is demonstrating active listening skills. Sometimes our nerves get the best of us during an interview and we can find ourselves babbling and interrupting.

You want to find a healthy balance between listening carefully to what your interviewer is saying, while also providing thorough answers. Don’t forget to breathe and remember— the worst that could happen is that you’re not hired. However, if you can create a positive reputation for yourself, you never know when they might call you back at a later time when another position becomes available!